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CIFGEN -200 LB (Alu)

Composition : CEFEXIME - 200MG +LB

Pack : 10X10

Brand Name : Genesis Biotech

Specification : ANTI-BIOTIC,

About CEFEXIME - 200MG +LB

Cifgen-200 LB is used to treat an extensive range of bacterial infections. This medication is recognized as a cephalosporin antibiotic. It works by stopping the development of bacteria. Similarly, this antibiotic treats simple bacterial infections. This CIFGEN- 200 LB (Alu) will not work for viral infections like common cold or flu. Also, CIFGEN- 200 LB (Alu) tablet is a wide-ranging antibiotic drug used to heal various circumstances such as urinary area infections, throat infections and lung infections caused by microorganisms.

Benefits of CEFEXIME - 200MG +LB

·        This drug is not recommended for the people who have an allergy to Cefexime, any additional beta-lactam drugs. All medicines work differently for person to person. Therefore, you should make sure about all the probable communications with your doctor before taking the medicine.

·        This Cifgen-200 LB tablet can be used for urinary infections, Tonsilitis/Pharyngitis, Bronchitis and for Gonococcal Infection.

·        Take this CIFGEN- 200 LB (Alu) tablet with or without food. Do not take in bigger or lesser amounts than prescribed by the doctor. 

·        The maximum effect of this Cifgen-200 LB medicine can be seen within 3 to 4 hours of intake of the drug.

·        Interface with alcohol is indefinite. It is advisable to discuss with your doctor before taking the medicine. Look for medical treatment or get in touch with the doctor in case of an overdose of the medicine.

·        This CIFGEN- 200 LB (Alu) medicine is not suggested for the pregnant and breastfeeding women unless necessary. Before taking it the patient should discuss it with the doctor.

·        Similarly, this medicine works by snooping with definite processes that help the microorganisms to produce and enlarge in number.  

·        Have a discussion with the doctor if you feel any unwanted side effects. And, make sure that the treatment course is completed of the medicine. Do not end the usage of these tablets without consulting your medical doctor. Moreover, talk to your pharmacist for getting more details of this medicine.

·        Moreover, this CIFGEN- 200 LB (Alu) medicine is not suggested for patients who are less than 12 years of age.