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S.No. Name pack Composition Action
1 TRI-ITRA 100 10X10 Itraconazole 100mg View More
2 TTRI-ITRA 200 10X10 Itraconazole 200mg View More
3 MICOSIDE- 500 MG 10X10 Terbinafine HCI 500mg View More
4 MICOSIDE 15 GM Terbinafine HCI 1% w/w View More
5 KETOGEN PLUS 15 gm Ketoconazole 2% w/w View More
6 FANNA-200MG 1 tab Fluconazole 200 mg View More
7 FANNA-I I tab Fluconazole 150mg +IVERMECTIN ... View More
8 KETOGEN SHAMPOO 60 ML Ketoconazole 2% w/w + Zinc Pyr... View More
9 MICOSIDE 250 MG 10X10 Terbinafine HCI 250mg View More
10 MICOSIDE- TM 15 GM Terbinafine HCI 1% w/w +Mometa... View More
11 Morofine 20 gm Amorolfine 0.25% View More
12 ULIC 20 gm Lulicazole ointment View More
13 ULIC-CL 10 gm Lulicazole with clobetazol View More

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Why to deal with Genesis Biotec?

Genesis Biotec is the best Pharma company for the highest range of products. Here are the reasons for the same -

  • We maintain a proper code of ethics for our company and the team members.
  • Our all product range has a certification by FSSAI, DCGI, and FDA.
  • Genesis Biotec has a GMP-WHO certification as well.
  • We offer monopoly distribution rights in the pharma market so that our clients can earn more profits and reach larger people.
  • Our products are of premium range with high quality, free from impurities at an affordable price.
  • We also have a market in several pharma products such as cardiology, diabetology, neurology, gynecology, cough, dermatology range & cold, and anti-allergic, etc.
  • Our business associates and distributors of the products are there in every state of the country so that we can deliver our services in every part.

What are Fungicidal and what are their demands and use in India?

Fungicides or Fungicidal are biocidal chemical mixes or biological organisms used to kill bloodsucking fungi or their spores. Fungi can cause damage in agriculture and infection in animals and humans too. It can cause critical damage or loss in yielding, quality of a crop and can affect the crops too. And in humans Fungi can cause infections, including skin, eye, mouth and vagina infections.

As there is an increase in all these types of infections caused by fungi, there is a need for the fungicidal in the Pharma sector. The size of the market for Fungicidal drugs was estimated at $11.3 billion. There are various other reasons also for the increase in the demand for Fungicidal medicine range in the marketplace of India and worldwide -

  • It is a serious concern for the people with a weak immune system for getting fungal infections. These patients have a great chance of developing opportunistic fungal infections.
  • Almost 220,000 new individuals get affected annually by cryptococcal meningitis, a brain infection that has resulted in 181,000 deaths a year worldwide.

What makes Genesis Biotec the bPharma Business Opportunity for Fungicidal Medicine Range?

Genesis Biotec was started in 2002 by Mr. Hardeep Singh with the vision to serve people with the best Pharma Products in the market. We have a highly reputed name in the pharmaceutical industry of India. You will get many Pharma Business Opportunity for Fungicidal Medicine Range in the market but we assure you with the best of the services from all. A lot of hard work and our highly qualified team make us the best health care medicine company in India. We manufacture a wide range of pharma medicines for Fungicidal which includes tablets, capsules, dry syrups, ointments, injections, and many more. To ensure the quality of our products we use the M schedule unit with no human touch technology where we manufacture 1,00,000+ medicines daily. 

So, connect immediately with Genesis Biotec to choose the best Pharma Business Opportunity for Fungicidal Medicine Range in India.

Contact Details

Name – Genesis Biotec

Address – Genesis Biotec Inc S.C.F. 437(G.F.) Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160101 (U.T.)

Phone - +91-9357444222